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Ceramic Glaze I'm On Island Time

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Yesterday I really liked the yellow of Fierce N Tangy but I disliked the way it pulled out the green in me so I opted for the bright neon peach from Ceramic Glaze I'm On Island Time. It is aptly named as you are going to need to be on island time just to apply it! I just got this one from my BFF. She bought it because she loved the color but when she wore the polish she said she was not a fan. She asked if she was maybe doing something wrong? I first though maybe it just needed white undies. Some neons just need that layer of white beneath them to make the color pop. I wanted to give it a try since it really is a great color and summer is coming so what better time for neon? I wanted to try it without the white base so I would have the same experience as her. I expected it to be somewhat streaky, it's neon... they are all streaky bastards, but this my lovelies was ridiculous. I am wearing three coats and my nails still look awful. I added top coat because this polish dries matte like a typical neon. My camera must be in cahoots with I'm on Island Time because it's as photogenic as can be, but in person you may want to stick to low lighting. Top coat did camouflage a good portion of the streaking but not all of it. I applied this polish several times to get better results and once even tried to see if a fourth coat would solve the problem but my nails were still streaky and to add insult to injury they were lumpy too. If I went out in public with a mani like that I would have to say my seven year old painted my nails.... I have to admit I reached my limit and did not even try a white base but now that I am thinking about I don't think it really would have made a difference. White wouldn't hide the lumps.... So she was not doing anything wrong and I can't really fault her for not loving this polish because I'm not a fan either and I do not recommend it. No matter how pretty it is.

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