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OPI Through the Looking Glass Part 1

I had ordered the whole OPI Alice Though the Looking Glass collection and paid for it within a few minutes of receiving an email that it was available to purchase. I might have muttered something along the line of "shut up and take my money" but since no one was around to hear it I don't think it counts. I did not check the colors out beforehand... The fairy tale theme got me again. I had my order before the week was over and could not wait to try them out! The set contains eight bottles and I am going to show them all to you and let you know how the formulas perform over the next two days. All pictures are taken with top coat. I figure if I mention it to you all now I won't have to keep repeating it. So why wait! Down the rabbit hole we go....

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OPI Fearlessly Alice

There are two blues in this collection and of the two this one is the bolder one. Fearlessly Alice is the same color as her dress as depicted in the Disney cartoon version of the story and it's a lovely cerulean blue. The formula was great and it was opaque in two coats with a smooth application. I love blue nail polish and wear it quite frequently but it still never fails to excite me when I find another one that makes me happy with both formula and color no matter how many I horde. Fearlessly Alice fits that bill perfectly.

OPI Mad for Madness Sake

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI,pink,Mad for Madness Sake,Alice Through The Looking Glass

I loved wearing this color! It's a bold pink that will not go unnoticed. Unfortunately it's not a very unique color but that does not detract from it's beauty. With all these colors I'm trying to figure out how the color relates to the story and Mad for Madness Sake reminds me of the pretty pink stripes that the Cheshire Cat sports. The formula on the other hand is nothing less then awesome! I am showing you two coats but this was perfect in just one. That two coat habit is a tough one to break for me. I have a feeling that all you stampers out there may want to scoop this one up.

OPI I'm Gown For Anything

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI,I'm Gown for Anything,pastel purple,Alice Through The Looking Glass

I'm Gown for Anything is a soft pastel lilac that has fantastic formula as well. Two coats and not a single sign of streaking! That is sure to make you pastel fans happy. I'm a little bit torn about the color. It's very soft, light and perfect for spring but I think I may be ready for the summer brights already. I could not figure out how this one would relate to the movie but it does seem to look great with the other colors in the collection.

OPI I'm Having a Big Head Day

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI,red,i'm having a big head day,Alice Through The Looking Glass

If anyone out there knows how to do a red it's OPI. The formula is perfect and you are looking at two coats. Smooth and flawless. I'm Having a Big Head Day is not a unique red but I do not think you could have a collection based on Alice in Wonderland and not include a red for the Queen of Hearts. This red is a no nonsense you will pay attention to me shade that is a classic.

Come back tomorrow for the continuation of my review for this magical collection!

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