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Painted Polish Pantone Crelly 2016

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Painted Polish Pantone Crelly 2016' caught my eyes online a couple of weeks ago. It was not hard to convince myself that I just had to buy it, and since I was ordering one... I might as well get one for my BFF as well. She likes nail polish, but sadly is not nearly as addicted to it as I am. On more then one occasion our girl time has revolved around a nail polish and purse shopping extravaganza with a stop at every shoe store we passed. I not only have a nail polish habit, I also love shoes! But I digress. My order came very quickly and I had our polish within four days! That is amazing! I order way more things online then I am willing to fess up to or that my man knows about.... I think lol. This has been one of the quickest turn around times I have ever experienced. It made me really happy. I have put off trying it on until now because I was hopping for a nice sunny day so I can fully appreciate the glitter in this polish. Nothing like a gray thundering and rainy day to take the shine out of your glitter. My BFF texted me saying she tried the new polish today and she is not sure if she is a fan. I may have scrunched my face a little at that.... I better try this myself I thought. She found the formula thick but I think that was just the glitter load. Pantone Crelly 2016' is a mix of holographic pink, periwinkle, and silver holographic glitters in a white crelly base. I found the base to be great quality but as with any polish that has a large glitter saturation there is a good chance it will feel a bit gritty during application. This polish was no exception to that rule but in general I did not have issues applying it. The first coat was a bit iffy but the second was opaque and leveled well. It does have a textured feel when dry but a good quality top coat is the easy fix. I feel this is a well crafted polish and the glitter combination is quite beautiful. I really wish that it looked better on my skin tone but I just don't seem to do well with cool colors. I even asked Mr. Nailvanna's opinion on it and he liked it. I feel that this is a good polish but just does not flatter me. I am wearing two coats with top coat in the picture. This was my first experience using Painted Polish and I do not regret my purchase, Shipping was very fast as mentioned above and I have to admit that although I wasn't in love with this color, Painted Polish has definitely caught my attention. I will be trying out a few of the other colors from the Painted Polish line in the future so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full reviews. Its a rough life I know, but someone has to do it!

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