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Royalty For The Win!!!

butter London HRH

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Butter London HRH has been one of my go to purples for a while. It's rich and sophisticated but still fun and girly. It's a metallic royal purple nail polish. I do not feel the camera does it justice but the color in the picture is accurate. It has an amazing red undertone that gives the polish life and would look great on just about any skin tone. The formula is great. Applies well, very easy to work with and has a good dry time. I used two coats with top coat in the picture above. In the picture you can make out a few brush strokes but in person those are completely invisible. I have worn HRH on several occasions and always found that it lasted at least five days before chipping. I wore it on my toes for a good part of last summer and I cannot tell you the number of times I was asked about it. This is one of my staple polishes because I love the rich jewel tones on my fingers and toes. Definitely makes the cut for this summer! Amazing color and lasting power. Win win!

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