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I've finally got my Juliette... now off to find my Romeo!

ILNP Juliette

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,ILNP,juliette,rose gold,glitter

ILNP Juliette is a killer! The most drop dead gorgeous rose gold glitter nail polish you will ever lay your eyes on. I love changing the color on my nails just about every day and this one one of the few times that I have been sad to take off a nail polish. I loved it so much I even painted my bff's nails with it! All she asked for was help with a break but I had to share and would not let her leave until her digits were as bling covered as mine. Juliette has been on my wish list since last year but I have to pick and choose my purchases because I can't have everything... Not that I don't try! Soo not fair! When ILNP announced the new spring collections I was super excited and when I placed my order I included Juliette. She is described as an ultra metallic holographic and intensely reflective. Sure, every maker will say good things about their creations. It's like a parent talking about their child. Of course they will praise them and sell you on all their good qualities. Juliette lives up to EVERY single one of them. The formula is awesome! It is smooth, glides on the nail like a dream. Two coats gave me full coverage and I only added top coat to protect it. I did not need it for gloss or to cover gritty texture because it dried very smooth. Have I told you yet how pretty this is? I am not kidding when I tell you how much time I spent admiring this polish on my nails. I am going to need a back up or two of this polish because I never plan on running out.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,ILNP,juliette,rose gold,glitter

I took a lot of pictures of this polish. It took a lot of self control not to flood IG and FB with them before I wrote this post but I had to wait because the last test was removal. Sad as it made me I had to see if Juliette and I would still get along after we parted. I'm happy to report she wasn't a stage 4 clinger and was easier to remove then most glitters. She is a classy lady and knows when it's time to go. This little bottle of nail polish really made my day. It has everything I love about nail polish all in one bottle and it's the reason why I love indie polishes. I cannot wait to try another one from ILNP!

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