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NYC Sea of Diamonds

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,NYC,Sea of Diamonds,blue jelly,glitter

NYC Sea of Diamonds is a rich blue jelly filled with blue glitter. I am wearing three coats with top coat in the pictures. As you can see my nail lines show through quite visibly. This is exactly how jelly nail polish is meant to be, translucent. If you want to completely cover the nail line you will need to add maybe three more coats or paint a solid base under it before applying the jelly polish. The layers give the polish depth and leave the door wide open for you to experiment and layer with other colors. The formula for Sea of Diamonds was smooth and had no issues with application. I personally would have preferred a bigger glitter load but I am very greedy when it comes to glitter and you may feel that this is enough. I was happy to find that my nails were dry to the touch in just a short time as I was able to speed this up with fast drying top coat. NYC is one of those drug store brand polishes that are really easy on the wallet and a pleasure to play around with. If you have not picked a few bottles up yet I definitely recommend it.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,NYC,Sea of Diamonds,blue jelly,glitter

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