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Green Means Go!

Zoya Logan

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Spring is here and Logan is another perfect foil from Zoya so lets jump right in! It's a deep green foil with gold flecks that is absolutely stunning. The formula is just as awesome as the color. It was almost a one coater but I applied two coats with top coat for opacity and depth. I really do love nail polish filled with glitter and I always find myself a bit taken aback when someone tells me they do not feel the same. It's like someone saying they do not like chocolate... inconceivable! I have heard various reasons like it's too "hard to remove". That one I get... sort of. Acetone has never failed me even with the most stubborn glitter, but once in a while even my patience can be tested. A little bit of good moisturizer afterwards to combat the drying effect of the acetone and you are as good as gold. If you avoid glitter for that reason alone I recommend choosing a polish with finer glitter as it is easier to remove...say like Logan for example lol. The larger the glitter in your polish the more patience you will need for removal. For the ladies that tell me that glitter is too much...I say try it! You don't know what you are missing! I understand that we cannot all love the same thing. It would be a very boring world if that was the case but it's good to go outside your comfort zone occasionally and who doesn't like to try something new and pretty. I mean you never know how good you will look with glitter on until you wear it! Remember to take a picture and tag me on IG!

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