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Pretty In Pink!

NYC Penn Station Pink

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NYC Penn Station pink is a fast drying creme nail polish. I wanted to try a creme from NYC because so far I have only dabbled with a couple of the glitters. I purchased myself a few different ones and today I grabbed Penn Station Pink because I have a little girl who told me very seriously that I need to test the pink one today. Who was I to argue? I found the formula a bit troublesome. It is thicker then I like and I was very tempted to add thinner to it even before I started paining my nails but I refrained so I could give it an honest review. I used two coats and top coat in the picture but I feel it looks a little bit heavy on my nails. I was also plagued by troublesome bubbles that I am sure you all know about and dread. The ones that you watch slowly rise to ruin your perfectly painted nails. Nothing frustrates me more then fighting against the bubbles but I have found a few ways to combat them. I found that if it's hot and humid outside they are just about certain in most brands of polish. I have on more then one occasion placed nail polish in the fridge for a little bit to cool it down. I do realize that this may seem a bit stange but I was then able to get a smooth and bubble free mani. Letting your polish dry between coats is also helpful if you are getting bubbling. My place is pretty warm today so I am not certain if that was the reason or not but I tried Penn Station Pink twice and it bubbled each time. For my third attempt I did place the polish in the fridge for 30 minutes and waited about 5 minutes between coats. That seemed to have worked for me and you are looking at the results.

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