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Girly Bits Jiminy Christmas

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! I searched through my nail polish collection very carefully to pick the perfect green for today. I know with a name like Jiminy Christmas from Girly Bits this polish may have you raise a eyebrow but take a good look at it first before you banish it to December. Jiminy is a perfect shamrock green jelly jam packed full of green glitter. The formula is one of the best I have ever come across in a polish that is this loaded with glitter it really goes on so well you will think you have the luck of the Irish. Usually when a polish is glitter heavy you can expect the formula to be thick and that usually means a pain in the butt during application! Not Jiminy! It glides on the nail with minimal effort and I did not need one tiny bit of touching up. You are looking at two pain free coats with a generous layer of top coat because it does dry a bit textured due to the glitter and needs the gloss. What more can I say except Girly Bits has done it again!!!

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