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Essie Resort

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Last night we gained four pretty new colors from Essie's Resort collection. Resort was influenced by Indian fashion and culture according to The colors were a bit of a surprise to me at first and initially I didn't really understand how the colors related to each other but after digging a little deeper I began to understand where Essie was coming from. Let me share with you, some of what I found.


Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie resort,Taj-ma-haul,ornage

Taj-Ma-Haul was the hardest for me to get my head wrapped around but it did finally come to me. It's Persian orange! like the pudding! All of a sudden I found the color way more relevant in this collection and although India is not part of the former persian empire there is no denying that Persian culture did in fact have an influence on India and the nation it has become today. Foods and traditions have a tendancy to bleed into one another across cultural lines over time. I think in this picture Taj-Ma-Haul looks really good but in the bottle it was my least favorite of the four colors. Once it was on my nails I found it was so different that it really grew on me. The formula was a little on the thick side and the first coat was pretty patchy. Second coat definitely helped and it did level out pretty well. It dries shiny but I added top coat.

Delhi Dance

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie resort,delhi dance,pink

Delhi Dance is a bright and pretty pink that will get your nails the attention they deserve for sure. The formula was a lot better than it was on Taj-Ma-Haul but still a little bit on the thick side. Delhi Dance dried nice and glossy. I used two coats with top coat. I think the inspiration for this one may have come from the Gulabi gang. They are a group of women working towards justice for oppressed and abused women in India. The women wear uniform pink saris symbolizing strength. Essie sure did her research on this collection!

Going Guru

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie resort,going guru,mint green

Going Guru is spring in a bottle. Very pretty and minty green perfect for spring. This color is light and airy and It got me thinking of the amazing silks and embroidered fabrics we see on the different sari's that we see throughout Indian culture. The formula was similar to that of Delhi Dancer so no real issues with it. I'm showing you two coats with top coat.

Nama-Stay The Night

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,essie resort,Nama stay the night,blue

Nama-Stay The Night is just about a one-coater. I did apply two but I think that may be just out of habit or perhaps I was compensating for the other three polishes in this collection. It's well pigmented and I want to try a million glitters with it and I probably will. I really do love a good blue polish.

Essie Resort is a colorful and well thought out collection and I feel that it really is representative of the beauty that exists within Indian culture. The color choices are excellent and they complement each other so well. I wish that other companies would put as much time and effort into capturing the spirit of their collections as Essie clearly does in Resort. If you have never been to India at least you can take a little piece of it with you when you wear this collection. Three out of the four polishes had small issues with the formula I felt that it was a little thicker and streakier than I like although they did level extremely well. Fortunately Nama-Stay The Night came to the rescue and no, that is not my love of blue talking, although we could just be soul mates lol. I would say this collection is definitely worth picking up because the colors are lovely and well suited for spring even if the formula on a few of them could be a little better.

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