KB Shimmer Carpe Denim

Carpe Denim is a dark blue Jelly filled with various sized holo glitter. This was the first time I had tried anything from KB Shimmer and it was love from the first coat. It's not a secret that I love glitter polish. For that reason I have applied polish in the past that was thick, goopy and painfully difficult to work with one slow coat at a time. Carpe Denim was the exact opposite of all that. You are looking at two moderate coats with a top coat that applies smoothly and painlessly. It dries a little bit textured but that is expected with the glitter load in it. I spent way too much time showing this mani off. Pretty sure at this point my man may think I hit my head when he was not looking. It really is like looking into a galaxy filled with stars on my finger tips. (I may or may not have added sound effects). I have no idea why I do not own more KB Shimmer polishes but I'm about to rectify that problem right now!


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