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butter LONDON The Black Knight

I love the name of this polish. butter LONDON The Black Knight. If I had to be honest with you all, it was the main reason I bought this one in the first place a couple of years ago. How cool is it to say the name of your polish with a name like The Black Knight? It is a black nail polish packed full of colorful little bits of silver, gold, blue, red, aqua and pink glitter. I might have missed a color or two on that list. because it is very rich. The formula is a bit of a pain. With so much glitter in there it really is not surprising that a bit of finesse is required to apply the polish properly. I used three coats to reach opacity and fix all the patchy bits. For the amount of glitter in there I was a little bit surprised that once dry it was not too rough or bumpy. I got away with only one layer of top coat.

Up close and personal The Black Knight stands up to scrutiny as more then just another black polish.

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