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Here There Be Dragons!

A england - Dragon

A england creates some of the most amazing holographic polishes you will ever see and my current favorite Dragon, is no exception! It has a great formula that goes on smooth and is really well pigmented.. Now let's talk about this color! It is a gorgeous holographic mossy green with flashes of gold. It was very hard to capture the true color with the camera as the sheer ammount of holo bounces the light around and shifts the color as you try to bring it into focus. I feel that in person it looks a little more earthy and in the sunlight it is absolutely beautiful. I loved fairy tales as a little girl and my love for them has not diminished as an adult. When the sunlight hits my nails just right it is not hard to imagine that this is the color of a real green dragon scale. It does not dry very glossy but a thin layer of top coat is all you will need as this polish is not textured. I used two coats of polish with one layer of top coat in these pictures. If you have not tried A england yet you really are missing out because A england sure knows how to make wicked nail polish!

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