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Cuter Cuticles - Barrier Butter

Nail polish is awesome, but like all good things it can have an ugly side. Frequent manicure changes can leave a girl with pretty dry hands and cuticles. I use acetone several times a week to remove polish and it is harsh, sucks the moisture and natural oils right out of you. I cannot tell you the number of lotion and cuticle oils I have tried. You know exactly what I am talking about... I bet your purse is not so much different from mine and you have at least one or two stashed in there. Cuter Cuticles is owned and operated by Sammy. She sells gold in a jar as I keep telling her that but I'm pretty sure she already knows. I'm referring to the barrier butter she makes by hand. She had originally made it to rescue cuticles but I use it for so much more. Cuticles, hands body and feet. I leave anything out? It's very rich so it takes a little while for your skin to soak it up but it quite literally rescues my hands every time. Use it before going to bed and you are going to be happy with the results. I also found it works really well on my daughters dry and sensitive skin without irritating it.

My current favorite scent is Pink Sugar but there are so many really great ones to choose from. Strong perfumes tend give me headaches but I have not found one from Cuter Cuticles that I found strong or overbearing. It's really refreshing to find a product that is so well rounded and safe for the whole family to use. I am on my fourth jar I use it so much! Go check out her store, she has an excellent selection of scents and even gives you the option to custom design your own. How cool is that?

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