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Nerdlacquer Euphrosyne

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The first time I came across Nerdlacquer polish was on Instagram and I noticed right away that she has a thing for glitter. My kind of girl to say the least... I knew once I placed an order I might have a problem because if I had one Nerd I might want them all. I can be a "little" greedy at times especially when it comes to anything that sparkles so I held off. I finally broke down when I saw her post Euphrosyne. Most of her polishes have very unique names so that sometimes I need help with the pronunciation but she is good enough to include that part on her website. Euphrosyne ("Good Cheer," 'ay-yoo-FROH-sin-ay) is a semi-sheer sparkling symphony in shades of coral and pink. Peach-lilac-gold shifting spangles, sterling flakes, and a delicately tinted coral base make a Murano-glass-style party on your nails -- a party that GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! Enough shimmer and tint to obscure the nail line, but these are deliberately translucent at two coats. To be honest I only glanced at her description since I knew I was buying it and I did not need any further convincing. I just wanted it to get to me ASAP so I could wear it. She works fast and had my order shipped by the next day. If I told you I waited patiently would you believe me? You shouldn't because patience is not one of my virtues. My order arrived just in time for spring and I wasted no time getting it on my nails. I applied two coats and in person, just as in the pictures I saw on Instagram, Euphrosyne is sheer and only just obscured my nail line. The formula was smooth and easy to work with. I spent the rest of the day swooning over this color medley of glitters. I own a Murano glass pendant and it's nowhere near this pretty! Later in the evening I was spending some ummm... quality time with Mr. Nailvanna when I noticed my nails were glowing in the dark. I had completely missed that part of her description. She only wrote it all in caps after all. It was a fun surprise but since this is a PG site I'll leave it at that. I don't think I could have a better first impression wearing a polish then I had with Euphrosyne. My friends are asking me when I am placing another order because they want in as well. Can't really blame them for wanting this one because it's absolutely stunning and did you know it GLOWS IN THE DARK?

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