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Champagne Supernova!

Essence On Air!

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essence,On Air!,Gold,glitter,Champagne Supernova

I have tried a number of polishes from Essence but all of them so far, have been cremes. When I came across On Air! last week I had to have it. A champagne gold glitter that I was very excited to try. This was opaque in just two coats and while my initial thought when I spotted it was that this might make a pretty topper, I found that the glitter is a bit too densely packed for that. It has an easy to apply formula that dried quickly, to a smooth finish. Just one layer of top coat was enough. I find I usually have trouble with the gold because quite often they just do not work well with my complexion. On Air! is a softer champagne gold that worked really well with my skin tone not making me look one bit pink. I really liked this one.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Essence,On Air!,Gold,glitter,St. Patrick's,Pure Ice,Free Spirit,nail art,Champagne Supernova

I added a bit of St. Patrick's spirit by stamping some green shamrocks on using Pure Ice Free Spirit. I wasn't sure how it would turn out because I had never worn Free Spirit before. I was looking for a green that would show up over the glitter without overpowering it. I feel like I succeeded. I love taking a chance and having my manicure turn out just the way I had hoped. Removing On Air! was a bit easier than I expected but it's a glitter polish so it does take a bit more work than removing a creme polish. As a glitter lover I will continue to mention that this is worth the time and effort it takes. Glitter is good! If you happen to come across Essence On Air! you should pick it up.

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