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Pretty and Green, But No Sparkle To Be Seen

Color Club Glitter Envy

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Is there a better time of the year then St. Patrick's day to pull out your fun green polishes and wear them to your hearts content? I don't think there is. I have several green polishes that I have been really looking forward to wearing and this is the week for it. Color Club Glitter Envy is one of those polish I went hunting for because I have the rest of the Starry Temptress collection and I wanted the green one I was missing as well. A bright neon green filled with holo glitter that is only reflective while it's still in the bottle. This lack of sparkle was not a surprise to me because if you read through my reviews of the other polishes that I have tried from this collection none of them were very glittery. Yes I still went looking for the green knowing full well that the name Glitter Envy was probably misleading because I wanted to try it. I found the formula a little bit thick but manipulating it on my nails was easy enough. I applied two coats and found that it dried fast and semi matte. The glitter gives it a slightly bumpy texture but it only took one layer of top coat to smooth it out. I love how bright Glitter Envy is and I am sure it would be a fun one to wear in the summer as well . Your nails will get noticed because they are lime neon green but no one will be envious of your glitter. All that gorgeous glitter you see stuck to the inside of the nail polish bottle just sinks into your polish and becomes opaque once you apply it. Now that I have pointed out the lack of sparkle a few times I gotta admit that I really liked the way Glitter Envy looked on my nails. I would wear it again even though there wasn't any glitter effect, especially since it did not stain my nails.

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