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What Elsa Could A Girl Ask For?

Gosh Frosted Soft Blue

Nailvanna,lacquer,nail polish reviews,Gosh,Frosted Soft Blue

March means it's spring right? The wind that has been rattling my windows all night is nothing but a last ditch effort by father winter which means nothing because Spring is coming! I chose Gosh Frosted Soft Blue for today's manicure because it's a soft pale blue perfect for spring. It's the last one from my Gosh textured polishes purchased as part of my local drugstore haul a few weeks back, and I enjoyed every single polish that I tried. Frosted Soft Blue is as the name implies, and more. It also has a nice sprinkling of iridescent glitter that was winking purple the whole time I wore it. Quite distracting really, but in a good way. The formula glides on your nails making it fun and easy to work with and it dries to a matte finish and has a light sandy texture. I applied two coats.

Nailvanna,lacquer,nail polish reviews,Gosh,Frosted Soft Blue

I could not resist trying it out all glossed up and I really was not expecting it to be this pretty! Icy blue with iridescent glitter is one awesome combination. Since I really liked it matte I was not expecting it to be even better glossy, but the top coat really brings out the silver sheen and the lavenders from the glitter. It took three layers of top coat to smooth out this baby but it was worth every second! If you have an Elsa fan in your house you might just want to pick this one up.

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