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OPI Gelato On My Mind

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I love the minty shades and was really looking forward to wearing OPI Gelato On My Mind. A soft minty blue that I thought would be light and fun. I found the first coat disappointing because it was streaky. The consistency of the formula is fairly thin but not watery so application was easy enough. Even after the second coat I found I was not very happy about the opacity so I added a third layer. At that point everything finally evened out and I was happy with the finished manicure but I had higher expectations. Maybe I am being too picky but I don't think so. I really liked the color, and the fact that it dries very fast and glossy. I don't mind having to apply three layers , I would not mind if it was sheer, but the streaks were bothering me more the longer I thought about it. Lately I have worn some pretty amazing polishes and it's been a while since I had to work at evening out a patchy manicure. I just felt I did not have the patience for it. OPI is on the higher end of the mainstream price point so I expect a better formulated polish. I am not knocking all their polishes because they have some of my all time favorites, one of them being Russian Navy that I have worn on my toes over and over again. I am just wishing for a bit of consistency and an end to streaking. I don't think that is asking for too much. Pictured above is three coats with top coat. I'm going to see you back here but not until Monday. Life with kids sometimes get a little hectic so need to play catch up.

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