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Sally Hansen Cherry Fast

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I love a good sold creme polish! Sally Hansen Cherry Fast is one of those easy to love polishes. A gorgeous magenta that I have used several times as a stamping polish with a lot of success but this was the first time I used it as a solid color on my nails. The Insta-Dri line is advertised as a one coater but I find it does not always work out that way. I can get Cherry Fast opaque in one coat but because the formula is a little bit thicker and it does bubble fairly easy. If I apply two thin coats I have no bubbling at all. I prefer the two coat method. Not much irritates me more than putting in the time and effort to paint my nails, only to have it full of bubbles. It does dry fast, so two coats isn't really anything to gripe over. It took me a bit to really appreciate the wider brushes that come with the Insta-Dri polishes because I usually lean towards the skinny ones. I find that these heavier opaque polishes are really suited to these wider brushes. It allows for a smooth and precise application. The picture above is showing two coats with top coat. It has a nice shine all on it's own but isn't as glossy as it would be with top coat. I usually stamp all over a pretty creme base like this but not today. I wore Cherry Fast naked and loved every minute of it! Your going to be seeing it a few more times as a stamping polish so check back soon!

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