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A Shimmer That Glows!

Joe Fresh Ruby

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When I came across Joe Fresh Ruby I didn't think twice about grabbing it. I was thinking it would be a sparkly ruby foil like polish and I was not about to say no to that. The formula is thin but not runny but it is on the sheer side. It's a raspberry red base that is just packed with red shimmer, that builds up to opacity in three coats. Ruby was not as vivid on the nails as it was in the bottle but it still made for a pretty manicure. It is a bit like a foil polish but with less depth because the particles are so tiny. I was looking at my nails in natural daylight at the time and I was thinking about this but later in the evening as I was getting ready for bed with only a table lamp lit all those little tiny shimmery particles really were glowing . I really loved the way it looked and for that alone it was worth the purchase. What I don't love about the Joe Fresh polishes, is how awkward the application feels. The bottle cap is just too chunky to really feel comfortable in your hand. I would not call it a hard to apply polish, but the brush handles a bit weird. I would love to see Joe Fresh switch to a different cap/brush combo that would make the application a bit more enjoyable. Shown here is three coats with topcoat.

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