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Pretty, Frosty!

Gosh Frosted Purple

Nailvanna,lacquer,Gosh,Frosted Purple,textured,purle

Recently I wrote about a little stash of polish I picked up in the clearance section when I popped into the pharmacy. Gosh Frosted Purple is from that little haul, and since I really enjoyed the coral polish that I tried, I was excited to try the purple one as well. I found the formula easy to apply with just the right consistency. Two layers gave me perfect coverage and once the polish was dry ( it dried very fast) the glitter in the texture was very eye catching as it caught every light source it could. Remember to allow a few minutes between layers when applying textured polishes to get the best results.

Nailvanna,lacquer,Gosh,Frosted Purple,textured,purle

Because I know that not everyone is a fan of textured polishes I also wanted to show you guys what it looks like glossy. The purple is a little more vibrant but it is still fairly dark. I preferred Frosted Purple glossy over textured. The textured version takes a bit of time to get used to, because it leaves your nails feeling like they are coated in a layer of sand. The bottle cap does say frosted sand look and you can add that it feels sandy as well. I don't mind that feeling sometimes but I know I am in the minority. It's not something I want to feel on my nails every day but that is why there is top coat! Keep in mind these polishes are pretty hungry. That means you will need more then just one coat of top coat. I applied three before my nails were completely smooth. Once it was completely smooth and glossy it has a very neat look to it as if glitter was encapsulated within the polish. It's a lot of fun with minimal effort. You should try it!

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