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Illamasqua Creator

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I have been sitting on this little gem for a while now waiting for the right day to wear it. I wanted something dark and sexy today so I put it on! Illamasqua Creator is a black creme polish filled with silver glitter that you cannot go wrong with. It has a great formula, applies smoothly and dries fast. I just love the unique shape that the Illamasqua bottle has and while I know that is not a good enough reason to base a cosmetic purchase on alone, but it sure is a nice bonus. I have had only good experiences with this brand of polish though I only own a handful. I find the polishes to be durable and stand up to every day wear quite well. I applied two coats of Creator and added top coat. While black with sliver glitter is not a terribly unique concept, I found that I had no urge to add any nail art. The glitter is fairly dense, so the glitter lover in me is satisfied. When I took a closer look at my nails I realized that the glitter I was admiring was not the typical hex shapes but little rectangles. I don't want to call it bar glitter since those are usually longer and I am just not terribly fond of them. Creator could make a pretty fabulous base for nail art especially if you are looking to create galaxy nails, but I love wearing it without any distractions, at least for the time being. Dark, vampy and sexy! What else could a girl want?

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