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Oh My Gosh!

Gosh Frosted Soft Coral

Gosh Frosted Soft Coral

I have been tying to exercise a little self restraint when it comes to buying more nail polish. If you saw my list of polishes that I own but still have yet to wear, you might ask me if I have lost my mind. It's quite possible that it might happen occasionally but for the most part I've been behaving and keeping my shopping light. I popped into the drug store for milk on the way home from work, and came out with a few bottles of polish, as well as the milk so the kids could have cereal in the morning. I have to admit I've got this adulting thing down! I happened to pass by a clearance bin, and the nail polish caught my eye. I noticed several bottles of Gosh nail polish and since I haven't played with this brand before I decided to give it a go. Frosted Soft Coral was the one that caught my attention. The iridescent glitter looked very pretty mixed with this soft spring color. I was fairly certain it was textured because the label on the cap called it a frosted sand look. I tested it on a swatch stick first and sure enough when it dried it was textured. The formula was very easy to manipulate and I was quite happy with the soft thin brush as well. The first coat was sheer but the second coat left me satisfied with the opacity. I could still make out a very faint nail line in some lights but it was minimal. When working with textured polish I have learned that for best results you should give it about ten minutes between layers. This gives the first coat a chance to dry and the texture to develop properly so when you go ahead with the second coat that will do the same and dry properly. Otherwise you might end up with lumpy and textured, hot mess. I don't know about you but I don't find hot messes to be all that flattering. The dry time was quite good I must admit, and I did not miss my fast dry top coat at all. It really does have a frosted sandy look to the finish that glitters beautifully. The glitter looks almost like it has facets. It feels a little if you had glittery sand coated nails, but if you are open to the textured nail polishes this should not irritate you. I didn't experience any snagging on sweaters or other knits while wearing it.

Before removing my polish for the day I wanted to check out Frosted Soft Coral as a glossy as well. It took me three layers of top coat to get it smooth but that was not surprising. It's still such a soft and pretty color! I really loved this look. That iridescent glitter and the sandy texture beneath the glossy surface of the top coat gave it some pretty amazing depth. Ultimately it's your call on how you want to wear it... try it textured and wear it for a day or two like I did and then try it with top coat. I also wanted to point out that I added my top coat after wearing this polish for a full day and spent the day typing quite a lot. There was no tip wear or chips and while it's not a true test for longevity, most of the time I am not lucky enough to get through a full day of wear,with a textured polish, without at least a minimal chip. It's just the nature of these types of polishes, being a bit thicker due to the texture and without top coat to protect them. Removal took a minute but if you soak in acetone first and then use an old makeup brush to clean it off, you will have a much better experience, than you would if you were trying to scrub your nails with a cotton ball. The cotton ball will just get shredded so save yourself the time and effort, and soak off this polish. I liked Frosted Soft Coral and now that I have tried one of the Gosh polishes I am really looking forward to wearing another one. Good thing I scooped up a few!

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