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A Pleasant Unexpected Surprise!

Sally Hansen Let's Get Digital

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Let's Get Digital

I saw Sally Hansen Let's Get Digital a few weeks ago when lil' Miss Nailvanna was waiving it at me. We were in a bit of a hurry and I had promised myself no more nail polish until I get to a few more of my untried polishes at home. I did pick it up though the next time I came across it because it looked so pretty in the bottle. I thought it might just make a great color for spring. The first swipe told me that this was not the type of polish I was expecting. It is super sheer and a delicate iridescent topper. I went ahead anyways just to see if it builds up but I did not have any luck with that. I applied four layers before taking this picture. Maybe a few more layers would build it up but the drying time would jut not be worth it. I love painting my nails but I'm not about to spend hours waiting for it to dry. There is a limit to my brand of crazy after all.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors Sail La Vie

I decided to try again over a blue base. I chose Sinful Colors Sail La Vie. I was smitten with this color right from the first brush stroke. A vibrant azure blue that is just awesome. The formula was nice and opaque in two coats. It dried fast as well as shiny which was a pleasant surprise. I just picked this one up right after Christmas so you should have no problems finding it.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Let's Get Digital,Sinful Colors,Sail La Vie, Blue

I applied one coat of Let's Get Digital followed by top coat over Sail La Vie and it was so pretty. The iridescent shimmer shifted from pale blue to lavender and it was hard to take my eyes off of it. I could have tested out Let's Get Digital on a swatch stick before I tried it on my nails but I just about never do that. I guess I like surprises! Sometimes that makes me take a different approach. On more than one occasion I found myself sponging on a glitter topper because I wanted my nails to look like the polish does in the bottle. Sometimes that takes a bit more work but if I feel it is worth my time. Let's Get Digital does not work on it's own in my opinion but as a topper I really liked it and I think it would look great over other creme colors as well. Sail La Vie was fantastic! It's a great shade for spring. I love that they are both very accessible as well. You could go out right now to just about any store that carries Sally Hansen and/or Sinful Colors and pick them up. I think that's a good plan!

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