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Naked Never Looked So Good!

Joe Fresh Nude Glaze

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Joe Fresh,Nude Glaze,Gold,nail art

Joe Fresh Nude Glaze is not your typical tame nude polish. It's a classic tan that's packed with golden shimmer. The formula is easy but as the name suggests it is sheer. I applied three coats for opacity along with top coat. Nude Glaze dries textured and to a semi matte finish that I did not love on it's own but the dry time is very fast and adding top coat smoothed it out and made it glossy. I really liked the look of it. I am not picky when it comes to brushes and can make just about any of them work but I feel I should mention that I found the handling of the Joe Fresh ones a bit awkward. The bottle top serves as the handle, as with most polishes, but it is a bit shorter than most and a lot thicker. I had no difficulties using it, and the brush attached was adequate but it feels like you are painting you nails using the bottle cap.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Joe Fresh,Nude Glaze,Gold,nail art

I added gold and black zebra stripes to this manicure and it was a lot of fun. I even painted matching nails on Lil' Miss. Nailvanna because she loved it that much. I was surprised that this was the polish that she went all gaga over, and not something with pinks or purples. My main reason for going a bit heavier on the stamping was that my skin tone and I do not find Nude Glaze to be the most flattering. Nude is one of those colors that one size does not fit all and unfortunately it was a bit off on me. Nothing zebra stripes couldn't remedy! I don't feel that I have a good enough feel yet for the Joe Fresh line, as this is only my second time playing with this brand. I might just pick up a few of their other colors the next time I am out. I found that their prices are reasonable at $4 but they are only 6ml bottles. You pay less but you also get less product. Smaller bottles also mean you get to use it up faster, so less standing around time for it to gunk up. If your skin tone works with the tan colors I would say give Nude Glaze a shot. I am going to check out some of the other colors in the mean time and I'll let you know how they do.

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