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Bling On The Holidays!!!

Level Up Lacquer Fairy Blood

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A beautiful red jelly filled with red and silver fine glitter and silver holo shreds is what makes Level Up Lacquer's Fairy Blood so addictive​! It was a polish similar to this one that began my journey down the rabbit hole of Indie nail polishes. I wish I could tell you the brand or the name of the polish but I can't do either of those things. What I can tell you was that t was a small round bottle with not one bit of info on it, nothing. I could not accept that I couldn't get another bottle if I wanted it. So I began my search on the store shelves at first, without any success. That's when I moved my search to the internet. While I never did figure out who made that mystery polish I discovered a whole new world, an exciting and intoxicating world, the world of Indie nail polish. A world that until that moment, I never knew existed. I felt like I had hit the jackpot, or lost my mind, the jury is still out on that one. When I saw Fairy Blood it immediately reminded me of my mystery polish and that first trip down the rabbit hole, so naturally, I had to have it. The formula is a very good one and it just glides on your nails. I applied three thin coats but two will do if you apply it a little heavier. The glitter and the holo shreds are a fabulous combination. It blows my mystery polish right out of the water. Fairy Blood definitely took my polish expectations up a level. I can't describe this polish as a red or even as a red glitter because I don't feel like I would be doing it justice. I am more than just a little bit in love with Fairy Blood and would recommend you try it out. When it dries it's slightly textured, because it's so packed with glitter. Top coat will smooth it out and give it a glossy finish. I had planned on wearing traditional Christmas colors this week but I am glad I chose this polish for today. I'll call it my Christmas bling!

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