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Monday's Are My Nemesis!

OPI Number One Nemesis

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI, Number One Nemesis

I chose OPI Number One Nemesis for today's manicure because it felt right for a Monday. The name just felt right. Is there anyone else besides myself who feels that weekends need to be longer? I know, I know. Everyone. A murky golden grayish green that has an incredible shimmer. I could see green, gold, silver, grey and even a hint of blue in the shimmer. The formula was easy to work with but a little bit on the thin side. I had no issues with flooding and found three coats had my nails completely opaque shown here with top coat.

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI, Number One Nemesis

This was one of those times where my mani definitely looked better in person, than it did in pictures. Because Number One Nemesis has that murky shimmer I added what looked like some underwater foliage. Not exactly channeling the holiday spirit but I really like it. I was a bit worried initially about the color because I think that this is one of those colors that probably won't be flattering on everyone. I would recommend asking yourself how you look in the olive tones before reaching for this one.

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