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Sally Hansen Go For Gold

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Go For Gold

I have used Sally Hansen Go For Gold a number of times as a stamping polish, and I felt it was time to try it out on it's own. It has a great formula, and the wider brush that the Insta-Dri line has makes for a nice and clean application. If you colour outside of the lines with this one the clean up will be a bit tricky. Those super fine gold particles cling to the skin (yes I am speaking from experience). I really like this medium shade of gold, not to coppery and not to pale. Which is why you see it in so many posts as a stamping polish. Being a one coat wonder has its perks! Pictured above is one coat.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Go For Gold

I thought I would switch it up and stamp on top of Go For Gold instead of using it as a stamping polish. There is a joke in there... somewhere. It does make a very nice base, and holds up well to wear. I do love my indie polishes but I can't deny how much I enjoy just being able to stroll down the nail polish isle of my local drugstore and pick out what ever sets my heart a flutter. The Insta-Dri line especially, has quite a few polishes that make for excellent stamping polishes. for a lot less money than you would spend on "official" stamping polish. I am not putting down the special stamping polishes because some of them have really impressed me, but if you can get a similar product at a third of the price why wouldn't you? Sally Hansen has been going strong since the 1950's. I love that they are always innovative, constantly evolving but accessible and affordable. Just about everything a girl could ask for.

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