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Twilight Before Christmas!

Kokie Sugar Plum

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I had intended to post Kokie Sugar Plum closer to Christmas because of it's name. I'm not good at waiting though and anything that glitters is just about impossible for me to resist. Go ahead, call me a magpie, you won't be the first. A great formula once again from Kokie, opaque in two coats. A deep purple base packed to perfection with glitter so the end result is purple foil nails that would certainly look amazing this Christmas or as you may have guessed, any day of the week! I generally don't like to leave a pretty polish waiting just because it's not in season.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Sugar Plum,Purple Foil,

I figured I might as well go all out and start testing those untried stamping plates I bought with the pretty snow flake motifs. Sugar Plum dries smooth so it was quite easy to stamp over. I found all that sparkle and shine was a little bit hard to capture on camera because I chose to stamp it with silver because it complements purple so well. I added a layer of top coat and I was in love! I'm not a huge fan of snow in person, but snow flakes on my nails, I can get behind.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Sugar Plum,Purple Foil,

Sometimes I like to explore all of my options, and today was no exception. I decided to check out Sugar Plum, with a layer of matte top coat as well. Removing the high gloss allows the design to really stand out. Matte also gives it a frosty finish, without the typical brush marks that quite often plague frosted polishes. Unlike Mr. Nailvanna, I prefer the glossy version, but I was very happy with my matte manicure as well. I found myself wondering what a sugar plum was as I painted my nails, so I decided to consult the internet. A sugar plum is a comfit—that is, a seed, nut, or scrap of spice coated with a layer of hard sugar, like the crunchy outer case of an M&M. The truth is that the sugar plum is not a plum at all, nor does it contain any plum-like substance. I also sat through several versions of Tchaikovsky’s Sugarplum Fairy in the Nutcracker ballet on You Tube just in case I was missing something. I'm quite good at wasting time on silly things as well it seems. You never know when that nugget of useless fact will be important. The only Sugar Plum I am going to recommend to you today however is what I am wearing on my nails.

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics (pronounced Co-Key) . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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