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Sooo Scandalous!

Revlon Scandalous

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Scandalous is one of those polishes that I have been meaning to get to but somehow it just did not happen. I decided to change that today. This polish is a black jelly-based polish that's got a generous amount of fuchsia hex and micro-glitters. It looks very pretty in the bottle and I was really hoping it would look just as good on my nails. The first coat went on pretty sheer. I made sure that my bottle was thoroughly mixed before I added the second coat and it was an improvement but it was only once I applied the third layer that I was satisfied with the opacity. I thought about layering this over a black base coat but jelly polishes usually look better layered so that the glitter looks as if it is floating within your polish instead of just laying on top of it. The translucency of jelly polishes usually require more than two coats but the bit of extra work can be more than worth it. Scandalous looks amazing! The formula was a bit thick but it's not unmanageable. The glitter load is quite substantial so I think that might make it a bit trickier to apply. It does dry a bit textured but a layer of top coat smoothed it out and gave it a beautiful gloss that really made the glitter pop. I was very happy with this polish. These jelly glitter combinations are popping up more and more in the main stream polishes and I could not be happier about that. Removal is a little tedious so you will need a bit of patience. I recommend putting the cotton ball down and soaking your fingers in nail polish remover for a minute before trying to scrub it off of your nails. The glitter likes to adhere to your nails even after most of the polish is gone. It just loves you so much it does not want to leave... True story!

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