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Matte Or Glossy Va-Va-Voom Has You Covered!

Essence Va-Va-Voom

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,laquer,Essence,Va-Va-Voom

I was curious to see what Essence Va-Va-Voom meant by the soft matte sticker on the cap. I applied two easy layers and sat back and allowed it to dry. I took my first picture for you without any top coat so you can see the soft matte finish. This formula is easy to work with and I'm continuously surprised by how such a little bottle can pack such a strong punch. It has a wide brush that is just fantastic, and isn't awkward to work with. I'm not a fan of the wide brushes normally but I can get them to work for me in most cases. I found that I am quite fond of the ones in these little Essence bottles as they are an ideal size for my nails. Va-Va-Voom dried to a pretty satin finish. I liked the finish once it was dry but since I am not a huge fan of skipping top coat I had to decide between matte and glossy. I decided to check it out with both.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,laquer,Essence,Va-Va-Voom

Matte top coat really softened this color up. In the bottle it looked more like a coral but on my nails it's a reddish orange. Depending on the light, it changes. It really is a really nice color in any light.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,laquer,Essence,Va-Va-Voom

Adding a glossy top coat really brightened it up. What a pretty mani this would be for summer, but I was looking for something that gave it a bit more of an autumn look and feel.

I took out my stamper and it took me a minute to decide which color to stamp on it. I picked Essie Leggy Legend from last years fall collection. A metallic bronze nail polish that I felt would work well with Va-Va-Voom. I wasn't 100% satisfied the way it looked glossy, but I felt I was on the right track so I decided to try it matte.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,laquer,Essence,Va-Va-Voom

Matte manicures are a little bit fussier because they are more prone to chipping but sometimes you just have to do it anyway. It was so worth it! I loved the way the bronze from Leggy Legend brought out a bit more of the orange in Va-Va-Voom. I almost expected to be able to feel the texture of the leaves as I stamped it on. I was loving the way the bronze still shimmered. The trees are just about bare in my neck of the woods but I feel like I managed to capture the feel of autumn foliage on my nails. Va-Va-Voom made a really pretty base and it really makes me want to go and pick up all of the Essence colors I can get my hands on! They are extremely well priced, durable and of great quality. If you have not tried them yet you really should. Good things do come in small bottles!


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