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Sinful Colors Kommando

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Kommando,Neutral,kylie jenner

I was in the mood for something that felt a bit seasonal but I am in no way ready to jump into anything Christmas related because it's still November! Way too early for the lights and tinsel. I decided on a neutral polish. Sinful Colors Kommando has been in my untried basket since the summer at least. A pretty sparking pinkish nude from the Kylie Jenner line that I have been looking forward to trying but somehow missed. I found the formula was a bit on the thicker side. It's one of those special polishes that is meant to emulate a gel manicure but without the use of UV lights. I find most of these types of polishes usually have a thicker formula. That is not necessarily a negative aspect, it really just depends on how well the formula behaves. Kommando on the other hand was a bit too thick though, not to the point where I could not handle it, but I did seriously consider adding a few drops of nail polish thinner. By the time I had that thought I was on my final coat so I didn't bother. I applied two layers polish and top coat and I found that Kommando is quite photogenic. In person I could make out a few lighter spots.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Kommando,Neutral,kylie jenner

It is such a pretty nude and it was getting late in the evening so instead of adding a third layer of polish I decided to stamp it. I felt it would be quicker and it would add a bit of character. I have been planning on trying out Sally Hansen Cocoa A Go Go as a stamping polish and that I did. I am quite happy with the way my nails turned out. The stamping completely disguised the spots that were not perfect. Would I recommend Kommando? It is pretty, but the formula is too thick. The first layer I applied I took off because it began to bubble. The second time I used a thinner coat of polish and waited 10 minutes before adding the second layer. I was not completely satisfied with the opacity either so I would say you are probably better to pass on this one unless you are willing to be patient and go slow. These things happen.


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