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November Rain

Revlon Rain Forest

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Revlon Rain Forest is a wicked deep green filled with olive glitter that is visible under just about any light and glitters like a dream. The Colorstay line has a built in base coat according to Revlon but with a color this dark I didn't dare skip the base coat in case it stained my nails. The formula is quite good, I loved the consistency and even with all of that glitter it applied nice and evenly. I find the double brushes in this line still feel a bit wonky when I am using it because the ends of the brush just seem a little uneven to me. It did not give me any issues during application but visually I find it a little strange to look at. It does work well though so I won't dwell on it. I applied two coats of Rain Forest and top coat. I found the glitter a bit textured so I was generous with the top coat. That color though is something else! It really is a little bit sinister in the best possible way. Poison Ivy nails! I loved wearing this color and removal was not problematic either. It takes a moment longer to remove than a creme polish would but it's absolutely worth it. Sometimes it's fun to be a little wicked.

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