Dark, Vampy, Sexy!

ILNP Black Orchid

ILNP Black Orchid is one of my favorite fall polishes. It's a deep burgundy plum and holographic. Can it get any better? The formula is so easy to work with and two coats had my nails perfectly opaque. It's not a very glossy polish but since I always add top coat it didn't matter. I feel like these pictures are doing the talking for me. Dark, vampy, and sexy. Looks great inside and out because the holo is strong.

Regardless of the angle, when you look at Black Orchid,you can't find a bad side. You see what I mean when I say the pictures could really do the talking? I was thinking I should try this out to see how well it worked as a stamper but since I was already wearing it I decided to stamp over it.

Admit it... you love it as much as I do! I used Sally Hansen Go For Gold and chose a feather image. I usually stay away from feathers... not a fan. Something about them just makes me cringe but this one is gorgeous and not one bit creepy! I do not have super long nails and I don't think I ever will but I find that this design elongates my nails and is very flattering! Maybe I will have to be a little more open minded with designs in the future. I have really got the stamping bug lately, I think you have probably noticed. I don't have steady enough hands for free hand nail art yet or maybe it's just practice that I am lacking, but stamping is such a quick and easy way to accentuate a gorgeous colour like Black Orchid. Sometimes the colour combinations of different polishes are what really makes your mani pop. It's so much easier to achieve this look than I would have ever imagined before I tried it. I encourage you to give it a try because you can do it! If you get stuck you can message me here @ nailvanna or even Instagram and I'll help you trouble shoot. A pretty mani might not sound like such a big deal (oh no I did not say that!) but when you accomplish something that makes you feel good it can improve so many aspects of your life. A little love goes a long way! xox see you tomorrow!


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