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Kokie Drama Queen

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Kokie Drama Queen is exactly my kind of blue! I wore blue nail polish just a few days ago and I like to mix things up so I was not planing on wearing blue again so soon. I was day dreaming about a juicy green and had plans for my stamper but it was quickly forgotten as Drama Queen caught my eye. Drama Queen is an incredibly vivid sapphire blue that shimmers purple. Yes I know... no one needs to point out that I get giddy over nail polish, it just makes me happy to have pretty nails! The formula was a dream to work with and two quick coats glided on and provided perfect coverage. In case you missed my previous posts about Kokie I have mentioned before that I really like their brush. It just seems perfect for my nails and I love the clean lines I get with it. I did not have to do any clean up around my cuticles before snapping this picture. I applied top coat of course before taking pictures and afterwards I took a few minutes to enjoy the color. The purple shimmer is subtle and reminds me of tanzanite. I love jewel tone polishes!

Kokie Drama Queen Matte

Kokie Drama Queen

I am always curious to take a shiny pretty polish and take away the gloss just to see what happens. What really lurks beneath the glossy surface? It's usually a hit or miss kind of experiment and more than a few times I cringed at the results and removed my fresh mani without even taking a picture to document the grotesque outcome. Some things just aren't meant to see the light of day. Drama Queen on the other hand was totally picture worthy and then some! That subtle purple shimmer gives it an alluring glow. A perfect canvas really....

Kokie Northern Lights over Drama Queen

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Northern Lights,Mermaid Nails

Northen Lights is a unique glitter polish. The base is an iridescent shimmer that leans strong towards blue and I had at first mistook it for a topaz blue. It would shift purple in the bottle so a closer inspection was required. The super fine shimmer picks up the colors from the light blue hex glitter of. I really like how the iridescent shimmer seems to change color when seen from different angles and that is how I was seeing the purple. It's named Norther Lights but the first time I looked at the bottle with Lil Miss Nailvanna we both exclaimed "mermaid polish!" pretty much in unison. There is a reason I have been calling her mini me...the shorter evil version of me... you know. I did test it on it's own and as pretty as it is I felt this one would look it's best as a topper. As soon as I applied a layer on top of Drama Queen it was magic. It took giddy with excitement to the next level no sugar needed. If I could reach through your screen and let you see how amazing this looks in person I would. You cannot tell half the time where the blue ends and the purple begins. Mermaid nails!

Kokie Northern Lights

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,Kokie,Nothern Light, glitter,mermaid nails

This is three coats of Norther Lights on it own. It does not have any bare spots but because it is an iridescent base, depending on the angle it may appear that your nails are not completely opaque. The formula is once again spot on for consistency allowing for easy application and the glitter load is generous so no fishing is required for nice even glitter placement. As a fan of glitter polish who has spent a decent amount of time trying to fish out pieces of glitter from the bottle and even more time manipulating it on the nail trying to get it to distribute evenly. I can really appreciate a good formula that eliminates that nonsense. I also appreciate that the glitter is not chunky. I applied two coats of top coat and it was as smooth as glass on the first round. You could not feel one trace of glitter and I was looking, well touching.... I felt that one layer would have been sufficient and when I applied it again over Drama Queen that is exactly what I did and only applied a single layer of top coat. I have been gushing over Kokie and if you have not read my previous reviews about them you can find them here. I feel that I have such a unique opportunity to share my experiences with these great new polishes from Koki with all of you! They may be the new kids on the block, but with plenty of experience. Kokie has created a fantastic new line that is both well priced and performs well. I already have the next color picked out but I'm not quite ready to let this combination go yet. Stay Tuned for more upcoming reviews of Koki!

* When I did remove Drama Queen my nails were not stained blue. Bonus! (Yes I was wearing base coat.)

Disclaimer! I have received these as press samples from Kokie Cosmetics (pronounced Co-Key) . At Nailvanna we pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency and you can read my full disclosure statement here concerning our reviewing practices.

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