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The Blackest Knight!

Pure Ice Respeck

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer, black, glitter,Pure Ice,Respeck,Butter London,The Black Knight

Pure Ice Respeck looked very familiar. I picked it up last weekend at Walmart but it has been available for a few years now from what I can find online. It's inexpensive... you will spend more on a loaf of bread than you will on this polish. I am not one to judge a polish by it's price tag and I'm quite happy when I discover a good polish at a great price. I found Respeck a little thick but wasn't sure if it was because it has thickened up over time in the store or it's just the way the formula is. After testing it on a nail I decided to add a few drops of nail polish thinner because I was hoping it would allow for a smoother application. It was the right call and I had no further problems to speak of while working with it. Rich black filled with red,blue, pink, fuchsia and red glitter. I think I got all the colors... probably. I liked it. It was easy to work with once I thinned it a little so the formula was very decent as well. Just remember I added nail polish thinner not remover. If you try to use nail polish remover to thin your polish you might just ruin it. It may dissolve some of that gorgeous glitter and break down the polish causing it to chip off your nails before you even leave the house. Let's not ruin nail polish, it will make you cry and ruin your makeup too. I applied two coats of Respeck and top coat and it was beautiful! Respeck dried with a very slight texture and a single layer of top coat had it perfectly smooth. Still, it looked very familiar, then it hit me! I ran to my hoard and pulled out my bottle of butter LONDON The Black Knight which I have reviewed here.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer, black, glitter,Pure Ice,Respeck,Butter London,The Black Knight

I removed every last trace of Respeck from the nail on my middle finger only and replaced it with The Black Knight. I took a picture and zoomed in nice and close so we wouldn't miss a thing. I went ahead and displayed my nails in front of others but not one person picked out the nail I painted with a different polish. I even stood still! If they were playing one of those games where you have to spot the difference between two pictures there would be nothing to circle. I really loved The Black Knight and I still do! The Black Knight is a touch more pigmented while you are applying it and I do like the butter LONDON brush better as well. I found it a little easier to handle. The real question is whether or not it's worth the extra price? At $15 vs $2 I think you know the answer. They are definitely dupes so if you have one you won't need the other. Happy shopping!

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