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Essence Jeans On!

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Essence Jeans On! from the no UV light required gel line is a greyish denim blue that I picked up because it has the "I'm new" sticker on it. I like new! Especially new nail polish. I have liked the other Essence polishes I have tried so far and because of that I was looking forward to painting my nails with Jeans On! Just to be on the safe side I doubled up on base coat because I have no desire to stain my nails blue again. To be clear I have no reason to assume that this polish would stain, outside of the fact that it is blue. Some of you might accuse me of discriminating against blue's, if you are new to the site and have not yet read any of the other reviews. I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth because I am not shy about saying that I love them! It's almost become a tradition! I just don't want blue stained nails to become a tradition as well. The formula was nice and smooth and the surprisingly wide brush in this little bottle does a great job with the application. The opacity was something of a surprise as well. This polish was very close to being a one coater. If I applied it a bit thicker I would most likely have been satisfied with one coat but my usual thinner coats rarely allow for that. I do not mind applying a second coat especially since that technique is the best way to go if the longevity of your manicure is important to you. It also results in faster drying times as well. I added top coat for gloss and to protect my polish before taking a picture. I chose not to add any toppers or nail art this time. I really enjoyed having this color on my nails, and I have a feeling that if you are like me and love blue, you will too.

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