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Sinful Colors Devil's Stare

Sinful Colors Devil's Stare is part of the Halloween 2015 collection. An orange red jelly with iridescent hex glitter and shard glitter. I can't tell you how much I love this...I might be a little biased because if you sprinkled the world with glitter I would be happy. Now I realize not everyone loves glitter to the extent that I do (that baffled me as much as the day I realized that not everyone loves chocolate). Devil's Stare is a jelly base and sheer. The formula is good enough that you can build it up until opaque (four coats) but I felt that it would be too thick on my nails for everyday wear. I find shard glitter is always a bit thicker than hex so for that reason I choose to wear it as a topper. As I said the formula is good but not great. It's a little bit thicker, more like a syrup but it is very forgiving. I had no issues at all with the application and for all of the pictures in this post I applied two coats of Devil's Stare. The first time I wore it I applied it over Zoya Willa my go to black polish. I recommend that you make sure your brush is not overloaded during application because the glitter load is quite generous and this will ensure an even application.

I love the way the glitter sparkles and catches the light. You see now why I love this one so much? I was a touch worried that the shards would be thick and scratchy. No matter how pretty a glitter is when it has edges that curl up and poke through layers of top coat it drives me up the wall and I cannot stand keeping it on my nails. That was my fear for Devil's Stare because shards are very prone to that curl. I applied one layer of top coat and allowed it to dry completely. I found nothing scratchy poking though (I might have done a little happy dance but no one was watching!) It was not completely smooth and still had a bit of texture so I applied a second layer of top coat and that left me with nails as smooth as glass!

Since it looks amazing over black I thought it might just work over other colors. This time I added it to Sally Hansen Diamonds And Rubies. I wanted a base that was similar in color to the jelly base of Devi's Stare. Both times that I have worn this polish I have had a ton of compliments on my nails. Putting it over red seems to grab the most attention. No matter which base color I choose to apply it over the glitter glows like embers under just about any light. I am ready to pull out my creme polishes in every color of the rainbow to play! Removing this glitter was just as you might expect. It's a bit clingy but it does come off with acetone after an extra minute of scrubbing. It's totally worth every second of the effort in my books! I know I am gushing but that is because, like most nail polish fanatics I have a wish list. I have been wanting an orange red glitter for awhile. I wanted a glitter that glows just like this one does and works over multiple base colors. Devil's Stare seems to be exactly what I had in mind so naturally finding something that was on my wish list has left me elated! All of my pictures in this post include two coats of Devil's Stare and two layers of top coat. I am not done playing with this polish, I have a feeling you might see it pop up over some other polishes in the near future. I'm going to need a backup bottle!


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