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Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming

Nailvanna,nail polish reviers,lacquer,Girly Bits,Darkly Dreaming,green

Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming is dark forest green jelly with a copper shimmer that was opaque in three easy coats. I applied top coat for the picture above but even on it's own this polish is nice and glossy. The formula has a great consistency and the jelly is just sheer enough to allow the shimmer to really shine through. Girly Bits created this one in collaboration with The Polishaholic a couple of years ago and they sure got it right. The name was inspired by the first Dexter novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter. I'm a big Dexter fan so that certainly added to it's appeal but I really love this polish because if how unique the color is.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviers,lacquer,Girly Bits,Darkly Dreaming,green,Halloween

I chose Darkly Dreaming for today's manicure because I wanted something dark with a Halloween feel to it but just was not feeling the usual orange or blacks of the season. I stamped spider webs on in gold using Sally Hansen Insta-dri Go For Gold and spiders with a black stamping polish on top before adding top coat. I have a little too much fun with the Halloween manicures but I do have a little cheer leader who just turned eight last week who helps me out lots with designs. Mostly she helps make messes and requests birthday pedicures! She chose a bright pink for her toes that she received as a gift from somewhere made for kids. Talk about clumpy! Before I started on her toes I was playing with the thought of taking a picture of her finished pedi but when we were done I decided that kind of trauma does need to be on the internet. Any of you ever see a nail polish that acetone does not dissolve but turns to clumps instead? What a Hot mess that was! but since it was her birthday I kept quiet... this time...I managed to make it look acceptable and her feet will be in sneakers all week, the goal was to have a happy birthday girl. Mission accomplished. It did not have a brand name on it just a cat sticker but once I finished her toes and started my manicure I was ecstatic to be working with a good formula. Once my stamping was complete I added top coat to seal and protect it. I don't love bugs... I remembered that after I was done. Why did I add spiders I asked myself? My nails are creepy and Mr. Nailvanna laughed at me when I told him that. Halloween nails manicure goal accomplished, but I liked Darkly Dreaming on it's own much better. Less goosebumps!

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