Alexander the Great!

ILNP Alexander

ILNP Alexander is a uniquely intricate holographic shade that sits on the line between olive green, light brown, and even grey in certain types of lighting. Packed with just the right amount of varying holographic pigments for a tremendously busy sparkle in direct light. The formula consistency is almost like a jelly but pigmented enough that two coats had it completely opaque. I just love how rich this color is making it perfect for fall. It's neutral so you can wear it with just about anything. My son is named Alexander so I knew I would be picking this one up as soon as I saw the name. When I asked him how he liked the color he said it was pretty but he would not wear it with a smirk on his face....boys!

For a minute I was going to leave Alexander alone...and I did, for about an hour. Then I got thinking how it would look pretty good with some back stamping and I was not mistaken. I just love how this manicure turned out. The holo comes alive every time the sun hits it and believe me when I say every opportunity I had, I checked my mani out in the sun. ILNP is one of those brands that I look forward to seeing new colors out for every season. They make some of my holo filled favorites. Just about everything they release glitters. Take a few and check out my previous ILNP reviews here.


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