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Zoya Nori

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I reached for Zoya Nori for a burst of color. Sapphire blue jelly filled with holographic hex glitters from the pixie dust line. I was expecting textured matte glitter. I did not get either matte or textured. I took a bit of extra time between layers as I usually do with textured polishes but I need not have. It dried just like a regular glitter polish. The formula for Nori is a bit sheer but since it is a jelly I expected it. I applied three coats for opacity and a layer of top coat was all I needed for a smooth manicure. I was surprised that this was different from what I am accustomed to from the pixie dust line but I am not complaining. It really is a beautiful polish. I love how bold this blue is and the amount of bling you get out of this baby is pretty high. You just need to take one step into the sun and you will be sold on Nori if you aren't already. It did take a minute to remove, I am not going to lie but it was not anything extreme and was totally worth it! Lastly, I wore a layer of base coat, yes just one, and I had no staining at all from the blue! I would call this a winner. I was looking for a little pop of color today and I fee like I got exactly what I needed! I hope you all have a great weekend I'll see you Monday.

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