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Dark and Vampy!

OPI Stay The Night

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI, Stay The Night

OPI Stay The Night was from a Mariah Carey collection that was released in 2013. It was love at first sight! It's from the Liquid Sand line so it is textured. A black base with pink glitter that dries matte. Even once it is dry the pink glitter keeps on twinkling. It's an absolutely awesome looking polish especially around Halloween. The formula is a touch sheer so I apply three coats for opacity.When I work with a textured polish I give it about 15 minutes between coats. I just find that allowing sufficient dry time between the layers allows the texture to really show the way it was meant to. The texture is not extreme so I did not find it irritating at all and I always find it noteworthy to mention that it did not catch on any of my fabrics. It's the biggest pet peeve I have with some textured polishes, if it is a snagger (yes I made that word up) then I will not wear it again. Ever! I hate when you have a chipped nail that gets caught on your clothes or hair. I try to avoid that at just about any cost. I can't stand wearing a polish that will give me that same chipped nail feeling all day. Ugh I have goosebumps just thinking about it!!

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,OPI,Stay The Night

I had to show you what Stay The Night looks like when glossy. It's nothing short of amazing! The pink glitter not only twinkles, it almost seems to glow. I love dark and vampy polishes and when it's glossy Stay The Night is total nail porn! I encourage you all to give it a try because you have to see this! Getting it smooth and glossy does take a minute... It's a textured polish so it takes a bit of work but worth every second of it. I apply three coats of top coat to get a smooth as glass finish. At this point if you have been keeping track that's six coats of polish on my nails I do not expect serious longevity from this manicure but I have managed up to three days in the past!

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