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Rock 'n Roll Fantasy!

Essie Frock 'n Roll

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer, Essie,Frock 'n Roll,

Does anything look as awesome as dark glossy nails? Maybe dark glossy nails filled with silver flecks! Essie Frock 'n Roll came out in the Fall of 2015 and it's a definite must have. It's a dark charcoal that appears a touch purple in person. The consistency of the formula is great but the pigmentation is even better. It's a versatile polish that I found worked well for stamping and according to my crystal ball there is a good chance you will see this polish making appearances as a stamper in the future. The shimmer is not very strong but it does come out if the light is right. I applied two thin coats with top coat.

Sinful Colors Ice Dream

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer, Sinful Colors, Ice Dreams

When you ask for suggestions from a seven year old for nail polish you might end up with this. I applied Sinful Colors Ice Dream over Frock 'n Roll and in person it works better than it did in these pictures. Ice Dream consists of small silver glitter mixed with larger ice blue hex glitter floating in a clear base. The glitter density is just right allowing you to use it as either a topper or layer it in until you reach full opacity in three coats. Every little girl that loves Elsa will love this one for sure. Are we ever going to get tired of Frozen? I guess I had better just let it go...

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sinful Colors,Ice Dreams

I wanted to show you one coat of Ice Dream over a plain black polish with top coat to give you a better understanding of Ice Dream's opacity. I am a big fan of glitter and so is my daughter. Shocking I know, a little girl who likes glitter. She often helps me pick out nail polish in the stores and her choices are usually glitter packed. It's always nice when that glitter is inexpensive and looks amazing as well. Ice Dream is another great polish from Sinful Colors and it won't break the bank. Which if you are like me... probably means you can buy even more polish! While I don't think I would pair Frock 'n Roll with Ice Dream again I really enjoyed both and I recommend picking them up.

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