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Sally Hansen takes the chill out of Fall with Cocoa!

Sally Hansen Cocoa A Go Go

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer, Sally Hansen, Cocoa A Go Go, chocolate

Now that October is here; Fall is in full swing! My kids are already trying to make up their minds about Halloween costumes and we are only just a few days into the month. It's been a bit chilly lately and nothing is quite as delicious as wrapping your hands around a cup of hot cocoa to warm up. Sally Hansen Cocoa A Go Go is a rich chocolate brown shimmer that is perfect for the season. The formula has a nice consistency but does tend to show your brush strokes so a little care during application is called for. The shimmer is delicious! I look at my nails and I want chocolate. I love chocolate almost as much as I love nail polish! I applied two coats for opacity and even though this polish is formulated with a built in base and top coat I applied it over a base and added top coat before taking a picture. I love how warm and rich this color is!

Joe Fresh Gold Rush

Nailvanna, nail polish reviews,lacquer, Joe Fresh, Gold Rush

I have seen Joe Fresh nail polish in a couple of places now while I have been out and about and finally decided to give it a go. I started out with a flakie topper called Gold Rush. I never get tired of the color shifting flakes! They remind me of brightly colored leaves on the ground. I applied just one coat over Cocoa A Go Go and followed it up with top coat. I loved the formula! My biggest gripe with these types of toppers is that sometimes the flakes are quite thick, requiring several layers of top coat just to smooth out your polish. Now this is something you expect if you are working with a textured polish, but quite frustrating when it's just a topper. Gold Rush was a very pleasant surprise. The flakes were so thin that one slim layer of top coat was all it took to make my nails smooth as glass. I want more...Greedy I know but I figure if I spend my money on nail polish instead of chocolate I won't have to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit into. So I'm really saving money! Anyone else agree with my reasoning?

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