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This Polish Gets My Stamp Of Approval!

Sally Hansen Plummet

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Plummet

Sally Hansen Plummet is a deep purple creme that I picked up because I wanted to try stamping with it. I tend to be a bit of a purist at times when it comes to nail color but once in a while I go on a kick where I want to play. I have several bottles of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line and I find that they tend to be very pigmented and work well for stamping. Usually polishes that are sold specifically for the purpose of stamping tend to be a bit pricey. For someone like me who only pulls my stamper out when the mood strikes me, the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line is a great option. Plummet looked like such a pretty color that I decided to have a go at it and wear it before I got into it and made a mess with my stamper. I mean what if I didn't love it? I shouldn't have worried because the formula was crazy pigmented with a good consistency. I applied a base coat and one coat of polish, followed by top coat. Just one coat girls! I usually apply a second layer of polish just to see how it effects the opacity than tell you that I did not need that second coat so today I decided to show you exactly how one coat looks. Absolutely perfect coverage! I was a little disappointed with how quickly my nails were done to be honest. Doing my nails at the end of the day is my little bit of sanity though it does occasionally drive me crazy when I come across a problem child of a polish.

butter London Frilly Knickers

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,Sally Hansen,Plummet,butter London,Frilly Knickers

butter London Frilly Knickers has been sitting on my desk for a while waiting patiently to be tested and since I had time on my hands and no glitter on my nails it was go time. I also mucked around with a leaf decal that I was not loving but it was already on my nail so I decided to leave it there. I painted a coat of Frilly Knickers on Plummet and quickly decided that this topper is staying right where it was on my desk. It's full of this prismatic micro glitter that is amazing! I am keeping it close so I can use it all the time! It's one of the prettiest glitter toppers I have seen in a while. Layer it over your favorite colors to add a bit of happiness. The formula is thin but not runny so it will apply easily and perfectly. Have I told you guys yet that I love playing with nail polish? I'm in my happy place that's for sure. Come by tomorrow and we will see how the stamping turned out.

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