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Barielle Slate Of Affairs

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Today I decided to pull out one of my favorites. Barielle Slate Of Affairs. It's a beautiful calm slate blue that has a subtle shimmer that's only visible when the light is right. I have had this in my collection for quite some time and have worn it over and over again and I have never gotten tired of it. The formula is a bit on the thin side so it does take three coats to reach the desired opacity but it's an easy application. I always apply top coat to protect my polish and to add that glossy wet look that I love so much! As I said I have plenty of experience with Slate Of Affairs and have even worn it without base coat. Fortunately this polish doesn't stain. I will still recommend base coat for a smoother application of the polish. Regardless of the season, this blue always seems relevant. I can wear it when I get dolled up for date night or with my favorite old hoodie and it never feels out of place! Whether I wear it on it's own, topped with glitter or stamped it looks good! I think that maybe this polish may have started my crazy love for blue lacquer. It has been a long time since I have worn it but it sure felt nice to have it on again today. You should try it! Hope you all have a great weekend and I'l see you guys Monday.

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