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Completely Distracted! and I Love It!

Gothic Gala Distraction

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Today I was having one of those day where I was did not have anything specific in mind that I wanted to wear so I chose Gothic Gala Distraction because it's another one of those polishes that I had been wanting to wear! My first impression left me feeling that the formula was a touch on the thick side but only a touch, kind of like a jelly polish. I had no issues at all with the application and found it self leveled like a dream! Two coats were needed to reach opacity and I followed it up with top coat. I usually paint my nails in the evenings once everything else is done for the day so I can take my time and enjoy myself but my lighting is not superb. It's not dark by any means just not the same as it would be out in the sun. Even under my desk lamp I could tell that this color was awesome! It's absolutely gorgeous! It looks a little bit more pink in the picture but in person it's closer to the color you see on the bottle. Distraction is a holographic red that could almost be pink, but it all depends on the lighting. The holo is soft but not weak. Indoors it's not very apparent that it is a holo but once the sun hits it you will be distracted. When I saw my polish in the sun in the morning I was in love. My nails glowed a soft reddish pink that is perfect for any season. It's one of those polishes that I wish I had worn sooner. I ordered it online a while back when I first noticed Gothic Gala on Instagram during a flash sale and figured hey why not give it a try. Shipping was fast and I was very happy with my order and now I am even more pleased having worn Distraction. I think I might need to look Gothic Gala up again soon because I love writing these kinds of reviews almost as much as I love having their polish on my nails!

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