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Finger Paints Copy Cat

Finger Paints Copy Cat is one polish that you are going to either love or hate. Not too many people find themselves sitting on the fence because it is quite loud. I love this one to bits but my crazy glitter loving side could have it no other way. I am pretty sure I own a dupe for this but stay tuned for that because it's coming in the very near future. Silver and gold shimmer and silver hex glitter is what this baby is made of. The formula has a good consistency making it easy to apply but it is a little on the sheer side so three coats are required for opacity. It dries textured to the touch and I had to apply two layers of top coat to smooth things out, and to keep the glitter from snagging. Unfortunately I found that without top coat the larger glitter bits tend to get caught on things. In a way they remind me of dragon scales. Top coat is an easy answer and so worth it, because my nails look like Smaug's Belly encrusted in bling! Dragon scales! The mix of gold and silver shimmer is awesome and you will not be able to figure out if it is more gold than silver because the competition between the two is pretty fierce. It's nice not to have to worry about your jewelry or purse hardware matching with Copy Cat on your nails. I found the wear time depends on how much care I use during application. If I take my time and apply the polish and top coat I have no issues at all and I get four to five days wear before I see chipping or tip wear. If I get lazy and skip the top coat the larger hex glitter does peel up and get caught on most of my fabrics. Lesson one is, Do not skip the top coat! Pictured above is three coats of Copy Cat without any topcoat because it does photograph better that way. Removal does require patience and with this kind of polish my preferred method is soaking my nails for a couple of minutes in acetone then using an old brush to scrub my nails clean. Works every time, just make sure to moisturize properly afterwards. If you apply cuticle oil before soaking in acetone you will find that it does help to combat the drying effects of the acetone substantially. I really love the two tone metallic look of this polish and find it extremely satisfying. If you love glitter like I do than this polish is for you!

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