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Zoya Storm

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I know I'm getting ahead of myself with the fall colors but it can't be helped. I love dark colors and my nail polish reflects that quite often. Zoya Storm is black, filled with scattered holographic glitter. Indoors the glitter appears mostly silver but when the light hits it just right it is simply to die for. This is one of my favorite black polishes and one of the few that I already have a back up bottle for. The formula has a nice consistency that's easy to manage and two coats will give you a nice even coverage. It dries smooth and shiny but I prefer to add a layer of top coat to speed up the drying time and give it that glossier finish. I cannot count the number of times I have worn Storm and was asked what I had on my nails. Most people assumed that I added a holo top coat to a basic black but Storm has much more depth than a plain glitter covered black would. The glitter is very fine but if you look very closely you will find that it has bits of irregular holo flakes instead of the standard hexagon shapes. It looks equally fabulous on toes as well. It is durable on your nails. I was able to get five days wear from it without a single chip. Storm has been around for a few years now but is still available. If you haven't come across it before I recommend getting yourself a bottle because this one is an easy one to love.

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